Wedding Trends For 2014

wedding trends 2014 the gownA wedding is a happy time for a bride. The excitement surrounding this momentous occasion is often focused on planning the wedding and reception. When planning a wedding, many brides like to take popular trends into account.  We’ve set out to find some of the latest fashion, cuisine, and entertainment  wedding trends for 2014.   Look for some of the following wedding trends to continue in the coming year.

The Wedding Gown

Wedding gowns tend to be timeless, but many brides like to take their cue from current fashion. Brides still remain influenced by Hollywood and  Katherine Middleton, who married the Duke of Cambridge in 2011.   Her heavy use of lace and elegant understated use of a small yet meaningful crown as well as her long train continue to influence many bridal gowns today.  Movies like “The Great Gatsby” are bringing a return to the romance of the roaring 20’s.  Stephanie Padovani shares some insights she picked up from contributing author for the Knot, Laura Cave who also shares this trend prediction.  Cave says that the upcoming tribute to 19th century fashion icon Charles James this year and shows like NBC’s Dracula are sure to influence much of the wedding fashion world. Opulence is the word many wedding professional are using to describe some of the upcoming fashion trends for 2014.

 Wedding Reception Food

wedding trends 2014 the foodAnother trend we can expect to see in the coming year is the use of menus that incorporate various cuisines. Ethnically influenced dishes such as kimchee are showing up in wedding receptions. Brides are also looking

for healthy dishes to serve their guests. Caterers are increasingly offering delicious yet light fare such as reduced fat dishes. Brides also wish to help their guests who may have special dietary needs such as the need for gluten free items or a preference for vegetarian food. Wedding cakes are similarly being changed into lighter fare with the use of low-fat fillings, reduced carb frosting and cakes with less sugar.

Entertainment Trends

Indianapolis Wedding DJThe use of contemporary music is another trend that people expect to see in the coming year. Brides like to appeal to popular tastes as well as those who prefer a more classical style. When thinking about the type of music you want for your wedding, consider hiring a professional DJ company.  A wedding DJ can provide all types of music for your reception and help you with song selections.  When looking for an Indianapolis wedding dj, find one who can offer many types of music styles and knows how to use that great music to get people on the dance floor.

How An Indianapolis Photo Booth Will Enhance Your Event

Indianapolis Photo Booth If you are planning an event any time soon it is important to have different options in order to entertain your  guests. While there is sure to be food and dancing you need other aspects designed to excite your guests. One such option that has been entertaining individuals for the last several years is a photo booth. Traditionally located in malls and other locations, the photo booth has evolved into a portable entertainment option for your guests to have fun and for you to see some rather hilarious images when you receive all of the final prints.  You never really know what someone is going to do in a photo booth but one thing is for sure, your guests will have a blast.They are also easy to rent and can be found by doing a simple search online.  One caution though, make sure you are renting from a reputable company.   Every year, thousands of people are disappointed at their event because one of their vendors flakes out and doesn’t show up.   Check on the company’s reputation by calling the venue where your event will be at and ask them about the company you are considering.   It’s worth spending a little more to use a trustworthy company that will be there the day of your event.While dancing at your event is a nice feature, as is the music, not everyone is going to dance. In fact, you’ll probably find a large portion of the individuals don’t actually dance. This doesn’t mean they should be forced to simply sit around though. In fact, the photo booth is a great option to help bring these other guests up away from their tables and onto their feet and will more than likely become the highlight of the event. In fact, individuals will be talking about how much fun they had in the photo booth for years to come.

The Indianapolis photo booth doesn’t take up much room, so even if space is an issue, you won’t have to worry.   There are a variety of booths to choose from.  Some are small and very portable others are larger and similar to the traditional booths found at malls.  The picture quality does vary slightly from one booth to another but for the most part you should receive a decent picture from most photo booths.

An Indianapolis photo booth is going to improve your event and give all of your guests a way to have fun and be themselves.

How A Company Party Can Help Your Business

Appreciation equals motivation

Appreciation brings motivation and motivated workers are productive workers. According to Forbes Magazine contributor Margie Warrell, “Research has found that when managers acknowledge people for what they’re doing well during times when things are running smoothly, those same people are more likely to go the extra mile for them when things aren’t going so well – digging deeper during crisis because they know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed or appreciated”. No matter your industry or business, a thank you is always appreciated and always good manners. And appreciation and good manners are always good business practices.

Appreciation equals better service

If you work in an industry where you rely on suppliers or outside services, you may want to consider inviting these people to your holiday party as well. Their services are an important part of your success and a little appreciation can go a long way the next time you are negotiating prices and services.

Be genuine in your appreciation

The holidays are a season of goodwill, of being kind and showing appreciation. They are also a time for merriment and celebration. When you host a holiday party, it is an excellent way to say thank you to all those people who have contributed so much to the success of your business. It is important that the party not be perceived as a tool for motivation for your employees or a negotiating tactic on you suppliers. When you plan, sponsor and pay for a Christmas party for them, you are telling these individuals that they are important to the organization and that you appreciate all the times when they went that proverbial “extra mile” for you and your business.

Enlist the help of corporate entertainment professionals

With more pressing matters of business to deal with on a day to day basis, coming up with company holiday party ideas is often a task that gets pushed off until the last minute. More than likely, there are entertainment companies in your area that will takes the stress out of your party by cost-effectively planning, organizing and executing the entire event for you, allowing you to enjoy your own celebration. The best companies offer everything from interactive table games and game shows to full casino parties, photo booths and DJ/MCs. Make sure you check with your venue to see who they would recommend as they work with these companies on a regular basis.

For more information about planning a company holiday party or for corporate party ideas, visit

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Why A Muncie Wedding DJ Is Your Best Reception Option

Muncie wedding djWhen it comes to wedding reception entertainment, what usually comes to mind is the music. Some questions that need to be answered are; will you have a DJ, live music, or both. But take a minute to think about what goes on at a wedding reception. There are introductions and announcements to be made, and guest’s need to be informed that certain events are about to take place. A good DJ does a lot more than just play music. They are trained to MC an event so that the night flows and everything goes as you planned it. A professional Muncie wedding DJ has also learned and developed the skills necessary to get people dancing and having a good time. They know how to read the crowd to see if the music being played is getting people on the floor or shutting things down. They know how to mix music so that songs flow together and keep people dancing.

Live music is another option and can provide you with a unique sound for your reception. If you know a local band that you really like they can help to add some local flavor to your reception. A live band can also give the feel that your reception is original which is pretty cool. The downside of having only a live band is that, for the most part, they are not trained to be an MC. While they can make announcements for you or let you use their microphone, there really is a talent to being an MC and keeping a reception flowing and building.

So if you really like a band and you want them to play at your reception you should also consider having a Muncie wedding DJ as well. That way you can have the live music feel that you want and also have someone there taking care of the flow of the night. From the grand entrance and cake cutting to the special dances and toasts, your DJ should be able to handle all of it. And when the band is done playing you can still dance the night away.

Corporate Party Ideas for 2013

corporaty party ideasSo, you’ve been assigned the task of planning this year’s Christmas party or corporate event and you are looking for ideas.  This article will share some great corporate party ideas as well as point you in the right direction for finding help with planning your event.

First of all, lets be perfectly candid.  If you are planning a party or event for your organization, the last thing you want is for it to be a flop.  These are the people you work with every day.  You want this to be a great success.  So let’s define what success is at a party – in one word “FUN”.   It’s important to remember though that one person’s fun could another person’s fear.  That’s why you need to try to offer various options at a party so everyone can have a good time.

Casino Parties

Something that has really become quite popular at many corporate events are casino parties.  This is a great way to create an atmosphere that will get people to mingle and talk and ultimately have a great time with the people they work with.   The first question many people ask about Indianapolis casino parties is, “are they legal?”.  The answer is yes as long as no money is being transferred at the tables.  Typically, your guests receive a ticket when they come in and they can turn it in for chips.  They use their chips to place bets at the game tables and if they win they get more chips.  When they are done, they turn the chips in to the bank and receive tickets based on the amount of chips they turn in.  These tickets are then placed into a drum and at the end of the night if their ticket is drawn they can win a door prize.

Game Shows

Game shows offer your guests the opportunity to play games like the ones seen on TV ( Jeopardy, Millionaire, Deal or No Deal etc.).  You can allow the company providing the games to come up with questions, or make up questions pertaining to your organization.  Either way, your guests will have fun competing against each other for prizes.   Game Shows usually use a screen, projector and a computer with game show software.  Some of the better companies have actual game show units with built in microphones, buzzers and lights similar to what is seen on TV.

Airbrush Tattoos

Another fun corporate party idea is airbrush tattoos.   This option has become popular in recent years as people seem to like to express themselves with tattoos.  The fun thing about this is that people can get a tattoo and if they don’t like it they can easily wash it off.

Interactive Games

The reason many company parties are boring is because there is little opportunity to interact.  People come in, find a table, mingle a little and then eat.  Once dinner is served most people stay at their table.  Interactive games do what they say – they help your guest interact with each other.  You can use these games to give away prizes or to just have some friendly competition.  It’s best to use a professional MC as this requires a certain amount of ability to get people involved.  Often times people respond better to someone outside of the organization then with someone they work with.

Corporate Party Planning Resources

If you’re planning a corporate party, make sure  you use a reputable company that knows what they are doing or your party could turn into a catastrophe.  Faulty or old equipment will look bad and cause guests to be frustrated if things don’t work right.  Unprofessional staff who dress or act inappropriately can be a real turn off to your guests.  So how do you go about finding the right company to help with your entertainment?

Venue Recommendation

The best way to find a good reputable company is to contact the venue where you are going to have your party and ask them who they recommend.  Typically, they will have a list of  2 or 3 companies they have worked with in the past and know they will deliver great service.


Try to think of people you know who have recently hosted an event. Whether it was a corporate event or a private event like a wedding, they probably did some research for their event and would more than likely have some good referrals for you.

Event Vendors

Event vendors would be photographers, florists, bakeries, DJs, etc. who work in the event industry.  They have seen the best and the worst and can be a great resource for your search.  So, if you’re using a photographer for your event just ask them who they recommend for entertainment.

Now that you have some corporate party ideas you can get started on planning.  It’s a great idea to plan early.  You will find that July is when entertainment companies start advertising Christmas in July specials.  Take advantage of booking early so you can save on your budget.

Indianapolis Wedding DJ Unique Ceremony Ideas

Indianapolis Wedding DJPlanning a wedding is exciting and, at times, a little stressful.  There are so many details that need to come together to make your wedding ceremony exactly what you want.  Most people want their wedding ceremony to be unique, expressing their beliefs in marriage and their personality.  As an Indianapolis wedding dj, we have been a part of thousands of wedding ceremonies and had the privilege of seeing some incredible and unique ones along the way.

We recently came across a blog post from Emmaline Bride Blog that shared some really unique ceremony ideas.  If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, you might want to stop by their site and check out their post “21 Most Unique Ceremony Ideas”.

Obviously, as  a DJ company we like to talk about music.  Ceremony music is often overlooked in planning.  A lot of couples like to use the traditional wedding songs for their ceremonies which is great.  But, if your not the traditional type you may want to consider using something different.

Music that shares your personality and how you feel about the person you are marrying can really add a lot to the ceremony.   While Canon in D is a wonderful traditional song, there’s nothing that says you have to play it at your ceremony.


Wedding Reception Ideas for 2013

Indianapolis Wedding DJ Disco BallThe I Dos have all been said and the tears have all been shed. Now it is time to get everyone together and have a memorable time. But what kind of reception do you and your partner want to have? There are a few reception trends for 2013, which you may want to consider. Do keep your wedding DJ in the loop of all your plans. An Indianapolis wedding DJ that has experience in the business, will be a great asset when it comes to planning the reception.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are still a must have this wedding season. However this year, they are a little more sophisticated than the mall box. Photo booths blend in with the décor of the evening and offer some new technology to make the fun even more interactive.  Green screen and social media upload options allow guests to have even more fun and share the experience with others through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Most Indianapolis wedding DJ companies today offer photo booth rentals and will often offer you a package discount if you use them for both your DJ entertainment and photo booth.


Lounge areas for your non dancing guests are also a fun idea. Make sure it is not next to the dance floor. Games and entertainment for your non dancing guests would be a nice added touch. This could be anything from hula hoops to angry bird games. This will allow for everyone to have a good time. Check with your Indianapolis wedding DJ for their suggestions for music and activities  in the lounge.

Mid-Night Snack

A fun finger food buffet at the end of the evening is a fun trend. This could be anything from wings and mini hot dogs to chips and dip. If your reception is ending really late, consider a breakfast buffet. This will be the add touch that all your guests will remember.

Your DJ can make or break your reception. Find one that is experienced and trusted.  You don’t want your reception to be remembered for having a  bad DJ, instead of all the fun activities that you planned.

How an Indianapolis Weddng DJ Can Enhance Your Reception

Indianapolis Wedding DJA million individual decisions must be taken into consideration when planning a wedding. You have decided the date, the venue, the theme, the color motif, the wedding party, the seating arrangement and the guest list, so it would seem like you are finished. However, you now must consider the entertainment that you will have at your wedding. An Indianapolis wedding dj can provide a variety of benefits to you and your guests during your special day.

Access to a Wide Variety of Music

Experienced wedding djs will come equipped with all of the audio systems and lights needed to operate at a large event. They will also come loaded with a variety of music to fit the theme and personality of any bride and groom. You can often make a list of songs that are special to you and ask them to be included on the playlist. Additionally, an experienced Indianapolis wedding dj can mix and match music so that everyone is having a good time throughout the event.

Having an Emcee

An experienced dj will also double as an emcee. He will keep the music going and make announcements so people know when a special dance is about to be played or when it is time to move on to the cake cutting. They will also enhance your wedding by providing hours of fun and entertainment for your guests.

Having a Professional

While some couples may be tempted to ask a friend to take on this role to scrimp away some money, most couples who did this often regret it. Amateurs do not usually know how to operate the complex sound and visual equipment needed for the job. Also, their music may only reflect their own tastes. A professional Indianapolis wedding DJ is also trained how to handle large crowds, something an amateur may not be accustom to.

Next to the wedding ceremony, your reception is the most important part of your special day.  While it may seem tempting to try to save money on the entertainment, the results could prove to be disastrous.  The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is disappointment.  Your best bet to having a worry free and fun reception is to hire professionals to handle the important parts of the night.